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- 8/15/2012

Quintiles Acquires Company to Advance Personalized Medicine Quintiles recently announced the acquisition of Expression Analysis, Inc. (EA), a premier provider...

- 2/20/2013

Argos Therapeutics Announces Updated Phase II Data Argos Therapeutics Inc. recently announced updated results from its Phase II study of...

- MARKET BRIEF – Financial Performance Benchmarking & Competitive Landscape Assessment of Leading CROs

Adam M. Dion, MS, summarizes GlobalData’s recent CRO Benchmark Report and believes the dynamics of pharmaceutical outsourcing and location decisions in emerging markets are changing. Cost reduction is being augmented and will gradually be eclipsed by footprint growth as a major factor shaping decisions, and CROs are realizing that the ability to be on the ground closer to their customers is a key building block to establishing sustainable, long-term relationships with clients.

- COMBINATION PRODUCTS – Human Factors & Combination Products

Richard Featherstone explains how manufacturers of combination products are being asked to provide rigorous data on the safety of product when intended users use them. These challenges are not going to diminish, but with a focused approach and some sound HF principles, manufacturers can navigate the challenges successfully.

- 7/12/2011

Evotec & Roche to Jointly Develop Biomarkers in Oncology   Evotec AG and Roche recently announced a collaboration in novel...