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- SPECIAL FEATURE- Analytical Testing of Biologics & Biosimilars

Contributor Cindy H. Dubin talks with some of the leading experts in the industry about the importance of outsourcing analytical testing in the biologic/biosimilar space, the associated challenges, and how to ensure products get to market safely and quickly.

- 12/20/2011

Enlight Biosciences Forms Lucrative New Partnerships Enlight Biosciences LLC recently announced today it has formed new partnerships with AstraZeneca and...

- 9/12/2012

Cobra Biologics & Algeta Sign Monoclonal Antibody Agreement Cobra Biologics Ltd and Algeta ASA recently announced a new contract manufacturing...

- PLATFORM TECHNOLOGY – ​​The 3DNA® Platform for Targeted Drug Delivery

Robert C. Getts, PhD, and Jessica Bowers review how the 3DNA platform is composed entirely of noncoding DNA assembled through the sequential hybridization of single strands of DNA into a network of double-stranded nucleic acid having a controlled architecture, and multiple attachment sites for drug and targeting molecules.

- 10/25/2011

Abbott to Separate Into Two Leading Companies Abbott recently announced it plans to separate into two publicly traded companies, one...