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- DNA THERAPEUTICS – DNAbilize-ING Antisense

Peter Nielsen, MBA, explains how his company’s candidates are differentiated from those in development at other companies by the type of modification to the antisense molecule and the method by which it is conveyed to its target cell.

- 5/9/2012

Caisson Biotech Enters Potential $100 Million Agreement Caisson Biotech, L.L.C. recently announced it has entered into a development and license...

- MARKET BRIEF – Miniaturizing Healthcare – From Microelectronics to Nanobiosensing

Cecilia Van Cauwenberghe, MS, Technical Insights Senior Research Analyst, Frost & Sullivan, reports that the proliferation of lower cost microfluidics-based genomics tools offering improved capabilities and allowing more access to end-users is expected to drive this technology for pharmaceutical and biomedical research throughout the next 5 years.

- 2/21/2012

Catalent Pharma Solutions & NewMarket Sign Development Agreement Catalent Pharma Solutions and NewMarket Pharmaceuticals LLC recently announced they have entered...

- 11/21/2012

Innovative Drugs to Transform Alzheimer's Disease Medication Market The patent expiry of all four existing EMEA-approved drugs for Alzheimer's disease...

- NANOPARTICLESA Revolution in the Development of Drug Delivery Vehicles

Tim Leaver explains how his company has developed a proprietary technology for the rapid development of nanoparticles and seamless scale-up for clinical studies and commercial production, and how it is transforming the development and manufacturing of a range of nanoparticle formulations from a hit-and-miss affair to a standardized process, accelerating novel nanomedicines from the bench to the clinic.