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- 8/1/2012

BD Launches Thin-Wall Needle Technology BD Medical recently announced the launch of the BD Hyflow needle, a unique 27-gauge thin-wall...

- MARKET BRIEF – Miniaturizing Healthcare – From Microelectronics to Nanobiosensing

Cecilia Van Cauwenberghe, MS, Technical Insights Senior Research Analyst, Frost & Sullivan, reports that the proliferation of lower cost microfluidics-based genomics tools offering improved capabilities and allowing more access to end-users is expected to drive this technology for pharmaceutical and biomedical research throughout the next 5 years.

- NANOTECHNOLOGY MARKETNanotechnology Markets in Healthcare & Medicine

Kevin James, Jackson Highsmith, and Paul Evers report the global market for nanoparticles in the life sciences is estimated at over $29.6 billion for 2014. This market is forecast to grow to more than $79.8 billion by 2019, to register a healthy compound annual growth rate of 22%. The biggest increase will come in the area of drug delivery systems.

- 12/5/2012

Curis Announces Several Major Announcements Curis, Inc. recently announced it has licensed from Genentech, a member of the Roche Group,...

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Ralph Vitaro Publisher/President In 1984, Ralph began his career in publishing as a member of the start-up team for a...


- September 2008

The DealDerrek G. Hennecke, MBA, concludes his 7-part series chronicling the challenges, issues, and more importantly, the opportunities he faced...

- April 2008

Financing the Purchase: Where Will it Come From? Derrek G. Hennecke, MBA, continues with part 3 of his 7-part series...