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EXECUTIVE INTERVIEW - BioCare, PharmaCare, MedCare: Datwyler’s New Health Care Offering
Torsten Maschke, CEO of Datwyler Sealing Solutions, speaks about the opportunities and challenges the current healthcare industry poses and how they are met by Datwyler’s strategy and products.
EXECUTIVE INTERVIEW - Pfizer CentreOne: The Value of the Embedded-CMO Model
Peter Stevenson, Vice President and General Manager of Pfizer CentreOne, discusses the value and significance of the embedded-CMO model in the biopharmaceutical industry.
EXECUTIVE INTERVIEW - PCT: Manufacturing the Future of Cell Therapies
Robert A. Preti, PhD, discusses his company’s critical distinction from most other manufacturing partners, steady growth, and the primary challenges facing the cell therapy industry.
EXECUTIVE INTERVIEW - Oasmia Pharmaceutical: Commercializing Technologies While Pursuing the US Market
Julian Aleksov, Executive Chairman of Oasmia Pharmaceutical, discusses his company’s efforts to enter the US market, its strategy to increase commercial adoption, and why it believes its underlying drug delivery system technology is significant not only within the oncology sector, but the entire pharmaceutical industry.
EXECUTIVE INTERVIEW - Vetter: Establishing a Successful Clinical Fill & Finish Manufacturing Site for Biologics
Dr. Susanne Resatz, President of Vetter Development Services USA, Inc., discusses the many benefits to small biotech companies in utilizing the services of a full-service CDMO, and what advanced services the Chicago-based facility offers its growing customer base.
EXECUTIVE INTERVIEW - AmerisourceBergen: Partnering With Orphan Product Manufacturers to Drive Commercialization Success
Amy Grogg, Senior Vice President of Strategy and Commercialization at AmerisourceBergen Specialty Group provides her perspective on the barriers orphan drug manufacturers face and the solutions available to them through strategic partnerships with distributors.
EXECUTIVE INTERVIEW - Viral Gene: Protein-Targeting Cancer Vaccine Could Boost Survival Rates
Harry A. Arena, MBA, President & CEO of TDT, Chris Kim, President & General Counsel, Viral Gene, Inc., and Dr. Scott Waldman, Professor & Chair of Sidney Kimmel Medical College’s Department of Pharmacology & Experimental Therapeutics at Thomas Jefferson University, discuss the unique characteristics of the vaccine, the patients who will benefit the most, and how a research team captured the attention of investors.
EXECUTIVE INTERVIEW - Avista Pharma Solutions: Experience, Responsiveness & Expanded Capacity Driving Growth
Patrick Walsh, CEO of Avista Pharma Solutions, talks about his company’s range of capabilities and what is driving growth in this dynamic industry.
EXECUTIVE INTERVIEW - Insulet Corporation: Improving Adherence Through Wearable, Patient-Centric Drug Delivery
Michael Graffeo, Vice President of Business Development, Insulet Delivery Systems Group, discusses the importance of optimizing patient adherence to ensure improved clinical outcomes.
EXECUTIVE INTERVIEW - Catalent: Increasing Efficiency & Flexibility for the Clinical Supply Chain
Wetteny Joseph, President of Clinical Supply Services at Catalent Pharma Solutions, discusses the changing nature of clinical trials and the supply of materials for studies, and how Catalent is investing in new solutions, systems, and facilities to assist the biopharmaceutical industry.
EXECUTIVE INTERVIEW - PYRAMID: Prescription for Building Success Through Partnerships
Medhat Gorgy, President and CEO of PYRAMID Laboratories, Inc., discusses his success in building futures with his clients and more importantly, the lessons he’s learned along the way.
EXECUTIVE INTERVIEW - ALCAMI: Delivering Solutions by Connecting at Every Level
Dr. Stephan Kutzer, CEO, President, and Chairman of Alcami, discusses his company’s business strategy, outsourcing trends, how the company meets the growing needs of customers, and why companies choose Alcami.
EXECUTIVE INTERVIEW - DelMar Pharmaceuticals: Polishing NCI Diamonds in the Rough With Modern Science
Jeffrey Bacha, Chairman & CEO of DelMar Pharmaceuticals, discusses his company’s unique approach to developing VAL-083, the challenges in working within cancer indications associated with low survival, and the importance of strategic collaborations with universities and organizations to further develop its technology.
DRUG DEVELOPMENT EXECUTIVE - Crown Bioscience: Enhancing the Drug Development Process
Jean Pierre Wery, President of Crown Bioscience, discusses the requirement for more accurate research models in oncology research, focusing on PDX models that have the ability to more adequately represent the conditions and mechanisms of immunotherapy in human patients.
EXECUTIVE INTERVIEW - Transdermal Specialties: A New Dimension in Transdermal Drug Delivery
Bruce K. Redding, Jr, CEO and Founder of TSI, discusses the importance of developing a new tool for enhanced drug delivery, but also a means to reduce the time-to-market for new formulations while also expanding the number of drugs that can be delivered transdermally.
EXECUTIVE INTERVIEW - Gerresheimer in the US - Fully Focused on Core Business
Roger Kurinsky, Senior Vice President of Tubular Glass Americas talks about recent strategy shifts, the importance of the US pharma market, and how Gerresheimer’s investments in the US can benefit pharma companies.
EXECUTIVE INTERVIEW - Cardax Inc: Delivering Nature-Identical Astaxanthin to the Market
David G. Watumull, President and CEO of Cardax, Inc, discusses the company’s plans to create a new platform for products in the consumer health and pharmaceutical markets based on the delivery of nature-identical astaxanthin.
EXECUTIVE INTERVIEW - Capsugel: Choosing the Right Pharmaceutical Design, Development & Manufacturing Partner
Anthony Macci, SVP of Global Operations at Capsugel, offers his perspective on what pharmaceutical companies should keep top of mind when working with trusted design, development, and manufacturing partners.
EXECUTIVE INTERVIEW - Enable Injections: Revolutionizing Treatment With a New Class of Devices
Michael Hooven, CEO of Enable Injections, discusses his vision for the company and how it intends to create marketleading biologics delivery devices that meet the most pressing needs of pharmaceutical companies while enabling easy patient self-administration for significant cost-savings.
EXECUTIVE INTERVIEW - Unither Pharmaceuticals: Premeasured Dosage Forms to Improve Medication Adherence
Eric Goupil, CEO Unither Pharmaceuticals, speaks frankly about medication adherence, Unither’s technology, and some of the challenges that they face today.

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