Issue: January/February 2017, Posted Date: 2/13/2017

Metrics Contract Services: Your "Concept to Commercialization" Partner


The parent company of Metrics Contract Services, Mayne Pharma, is investing $80 million to significantly expand facilities and equipment at its site in Greenville, N.C.


The strategic capital investment will fund a new 126,000-square-foot, oral-dose commercial manufacturing facility — quadrupling the company’s U.S. manufacturing capacity, and re-purposing space to create 10+ new analytical laboratories and formulation development suites.


This means Metrics Contract Services can offer a more complete “concept to commercialization” solution in one contiguous location for clients — providing larger scale and increased capabilities for seamless scale-up, eliminating the need for site transfers.


As part of the expansion, Metrics will introduce commercial-scale manufacturing capability including solvent-based, fluid-bed processing and film coating. With the new facility, Mayne Pharma will triple its global fluid-bed processing capacity, strengthening considerably its global leadership position in oral drug delivery.


Other benefits of Metrics’ expanded and improved facilities include:


- Custom-engineered solutions to support the handling of highly potent and toxic compounds and mitigate cross-contamination risks, and


- Deliberate design to meet the various regulatory requirements of international agencies.


The new facility will be fully validated and open to client business by January 2018.


Once commercial production activities move to the new facility, Metrics will retrofit its existing facility — significantly increasing development and clinical trial material capacity by adding 10+ analytical laboratories and formulation development suites.  


While we are making enormous changes to our facilities, some things at Metrics will never change — such as conducting sound and thoughtful science that helps our pharmaceutical industry clients succeed and grow. Metrics remains committed to getting your compound through clinical trials as quickly, safely and cost effectively as possible. 


As a full-service pharmaceutical development and manufacturing organization, Metrics serves clients worldwide, and delivers proven scientific and operational excellence for oral dosage forms. For more information, visit Metrics Contract Services.


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